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Noeleen Fasolilli

I am a professional and highly experienced therapist offering private therapy. I have over 30 years of combined experiences working privately and in the public sector. I have a background in NHS settings and in higher education, as well as private practice.

I can offer effective treatment for stress, anxiety, depression and many other conditions that trouble the modern world. 

Professional Accredited

I am an accredited counsellor of the BACP and I abide by the Code of Ethics of this organisation.

BACP: British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

Other Areas of Expertise

ACAT Practitioner

Solution Focussed Hypnotherapist

Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

Advanced Diploma in Bereavement & Loss


I have a long standing partnership with the NHS, Bereavement services, GP practices and Primary Mental Health Care teams.

Flexible Individualised

I firmly believe that therapy should be tailored to the individual there is no one service ‘fits all’.


Talking to a professional can be helpful when you are feeling stuck in life. I only offer therapies that are proven to be effective.

Data Protection

Client information is held as part of formulation and on-going support towards agreed goals. All information and client details are kept in a safe and secure location. No information is held unprotected by password on computers or smart phone devises. Information is held in compliance with data protection and accredited association practices. Please access the Information Commissioners Office for further information.

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