Katherine (Manchester) - Hypnotherapy for Flying Phobia

“I’m happy to say that I wasn’t scared at all and one of them on the way back was very bumpy so that is a great success. I can’t say I love flying now, but it has definitely got me over my fear and I feel confident that that will continue in the future. So really I want to say a massive thank you to you for all your help with this, it really is a massive thing for me to have conquered and I couldn’t have done it without you. I’ll be recommending this to all my friends and family now.”

Mark (Manchester) - CBT & Hypnotherapy for Social Anxiety

“After a few months of combining CBT and hypnotherapy, I have seen great improvement to a point where I feel happy and confident with very minimal anxiety.’ When I had challenging days I could use the hypnotherapy sessions to break the cycle of worry. Whereas before there was the social anxiety holding me back, the positive reinforcement of CBT and hypnotherapy has meant that I am far more relaxed in a new setting and understand that there is nothing to worry about.”

Elizabeth (Manchester) - Solution Focused Hypnotherapy for Confidence and Stress

“Your explanation from the start about the brain and how it works with pattern matching was/has been/is invaluable. I’ve had hypnotherapy before and have found it worked but I always reverted back to whatever the problem was…. With your sessions, I absolutely am the opposite! I think we really got to the root of my issues and dealt with them so well. I have absolutely loved our sessions and without even thinking about it, I’m constantly telling myself about all the good things I’ve managed to do today and if there’s something I haven’t got quite finished, I’m not beating myself up at all about it – I’ll just reset a new time for it to get done! I think the way you set the sessions with listing the good things and looking at what would make tomorrow better/what would it look like then into the hypnotherapy just works perfectly.”